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The Custom Sweatz website is for individuals who shop online or browse online frequently. Individuals male and female between the ages of 18-40 with different backgrounds are college students to professionals. Custom Sweatz's goal is to make sure users can complete the task of personalizing a sweatshirt without any challenges and have a great experience.


Journey Map

Project duration:

April 2023 to May 2023


My role: 

Sole Ux designer




Goggle Slides

Design Process 

​User research


Journey map


Paper wireframes

Digital wireframes

Low fidelity prototypes

Usability studies


High fidelity prototypes

Pain Points:




The problem 

Online personalizing websites are expensive, only cater to a select audience, browsing is confusing, and trying to checkout is a challenge.

The goal

Custom Sweatz website is designed to make personalizing a sweatshirt easy to navigate and cost-efficient for any occasion and for all types of users.

Paper Wireframes

Low Fidelity Prototype

Jamboard Notes from Usability Test

Digital Wireframe

High Fidelity Prototype


User interviews were conducted and empathy maps were created to understand the target user and their needs. Most of the target users love to personalize gifts or just items for any occasion. However, the users were faced with challenges when it came to pricing, navigating, and completing the order. These challenges caused users to stray away from customizing items because they became frustrated.


Our target users expressed that the website was simple and easy to navigate to the end, the colors were vibrant and the visuals were clear.


What I learned:

I learned that simple is better than adding too much on a page. I also learned that users need a way to complete a task without feeling overwhelmed.


Next Steps:

Identify other areas of the website that may need to be updated or possibly removed.

Conduct additional usability studies to gain new insight on the website design and flow.

View more details:

Full case study

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