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Kidz Eat Healthy 


Kidz Eat Healthy is a organization based out the US, whose focus is on healthy eating habits for children and young adults. The organization needs a tool that helps with educating children about eating healthy. The target audience is children from 12 to 15 years of age who want to learn how to start eating healthy.


Journey Map

Project duration:

May 2023  to June 2023

My role: 

Sole UX designer



Google Slides

Design Process 

​User research


Competitive audit


Paper wireframes

Digital wireframes

Low fidelity prototypes

Usability studies


High fidelity prototypes

Pain points:




The problem 

Children are becoming less active due to video games which is also contributing to unhealthy eating habits. We have discovered that the lack of knowledge about healthy eating habits is the cause to children not being active or just having lack of energy for daily activities.

The goal

Create an app to help educate and provide insight on healthy eating habits to be incorporated in the daily lives of children.

Paper Wireframe

Jamboard Notes from Usability Test

Digitial Wireframe

Low Fidelity Prototype

High Fidelity Prototype


The data from the Kidz Eat Healthy helped to create interview questions, which were used to conduct interviews. The majority of the participants reported that they lacked energy and wanted to learn better eating habits. The feedback from the research showed that participants were willing to learn as long as the information was easily accessible and easy to operate.


Users expressed that the app made learning new healthy eating habits fun and easy to do. One of the user’s feedback was that “ the Kidz Eat Healthy app helped me to learn about foods I thought were weird but now I know how it works for the body and different ways I can eat it.”


What I learned:

I learned that trying to convince children to eat healthy is a large task but if the process is made simple and fun they are more likely to want to learn and try new things.


Next Steps:

Conduct more research on how to enhance the app features to gain the attention of adults.

Conduct additional usability studies to gain feedback on any adjustments needed for better learning opportunities.

Add more interactive features such as games to attract children to learn about food and how the food helps with their daily lives.

View more details:

Full case study

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